By Kieran Webber

New age ragers Guerilla Toss have streamed their upbeat new single ‘Grass Shack’ , off their upcoming album, ‘Eraser Stargazer’ scheduled for release on DFA Records on March 4th.

Singer Kassie Carlson says the track “hints at the importance of centering yourself and checking in so not to overlook the tiny pieces of beauty. Often times shit can get blurry, fuzzy and muted with not a clear direction or solution.”

The title comes from a Grateful Dead lyric from the song ‘Row Jimmy.’

“Don’t hang your head, Let the two time roll
Grass Shack nailed to a pinewood floor
Ask the time? Baby I don’t know
Come back later, we’ll let it show.”

The lyrics struck a chord with Carlson. “The phrase really emphasized the fragility of life. The idea of a shack woven with tiny thin blades of grass, gently swaying in the breeze and a soft pine, easily scratched floor really reflected some aspect of the delicacy of everything that I was feeling at the time.”

‘Grass Shack’ is one of the most far out tracks I have heard in the last decade, with its space age beeps and boops backed up by its freakishly funky bassline combined with the robotic vocals create a song that sounds like no other.

Listen here: