By Dale Platt

On the back of their inventive self titled LP last year, London’s very own Wire have just announced a new mini-album entitled ‘Nocturnal Koreans’, set for release on April 29th through Pinkflag. With yet another UK tour lined up, the 40 year veterans have just made the album’s title track available for streaming via Soundcloud.

First impressions of ‘Nocturnal Koreans’ offer up a clear direction towards the realms of post-punk, all with a definite feel of Wire and the style the band have honed out over several decades. Although there is a definite feeling of familiarity, Wire remains as changeable as ever, offering up both reinvention and ingenuity at every turn.

The impact may not be quite what it was on the first three records way back in the late 70’s, but ‘Nocturnal Koreans’ shows that Wire is back yet again. Whether already familiar or completely new to the back catalogue of these punk stalwarts, there has never been a better time to sit back and admire what dedication to your craft really means.