By Kieran Webber

The Nick Valentini Collective is a critically acclaimed eight-piece, fusion musical collective born in Los Angeles, California.  Blending indie rock, jazz and experimental psychedelic soul; the band has been often dubbed as a “jazz fusion Radiohead”.

The collective consists of Nick Valentini (singer, keyboard), Erik Shibowski (bass), Hugo Shibowski (tenor sax), Nate Schwartz (guitar), Nicolo Scolieri (flute), Nick Velez (drums), Gabriel Wheaton (string orchestration) and Tyler Wennstrom (keyboard/percussion).

The group formed a little over six months ago and have quickly made a name for themselves in the Southern California music scene attracting large audiences to their dynamic live shows.

Their latest release ‘Carousel’ is as you’d expect just as experimental as previous work blending all the best elements of psychedelia, soul and indie that creates a song bursting at the seams in talent.

The video to accompany the song follows a very similar rhetoric and is just as mind altering as the song itself.

Watch/listen here: