By Luigi Sibona

Stop what you’re doing, Mutoid Man have dropped two new singles from the upcoming ‘War Moans’. They don’t need much of your time but they will command your full attention.

Made up of Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky, Converge drummer Ben Koller, and bassist Nick Cageao, Mutoid Man mix up a heady fusion of psychedelic prog and heavy rock’n’roll riffage, all wrapped up in a lean punk delivery. Kicking off with first single, ‘Melt Your Mind’, Mutoid Man throw so many riffs, hooks and guitar lines at you it does just what it says on the tin. Coming in at little over the two minute mark this is as no-bullshit and catchy as they come.

Following the same formula with ‘Kiss of Death’, these guys waste no time cramming in all the heights and noodly licks that you’d expect from the loftiest of prog rockers but spit it out in a rocket-fuelled, Ramones-esque, hook-led banger. Everyone shines in this track with the aforementioned ADD riffage, throbbing bass lines and the drum fills, oh the drum fills… Ben Koller has always been as far from a lazy drummer as one can be but here he’s firing on all cylinders and provides a killer backbone to a thunderous mix.

These are a couple of killer singles and if Mutoid Man can keep up this staggering quality we may be looking at a real contender and one of the surprise records of the year. We’ve gone from zero to pumped for ‘War Moans’ and will be counting the days till it’s unleashed on 2nd June.

Listen to ‘Melt Your Mind’ here:

Listen\watch to ‘Kiss Of Death’ here:

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