By Kieran Webber

Formed by brothers Patrick (guitar/vox) and Tom Malone (Bass) with the help of Juliet Styles (synths/saxophone), Steve Wraight (vocals/percussion) and Dan Robershaw (guitar), Adam & Elvis are bringing forward a fresh take on a nineties, Pixies esque soundscape.

Their latest track ‘Hanging Tree’ utilises the bands tragi-comic songwriting telling the tale of a young intellectual who, despite his rationalism, loses his mind over unrequited love. This macabre story backed by sharp and cutting guitar, ferocious bass work and snarls from Patrick boasts the bands talent for creating infectious music.

This nostalgic sound backed by moody songwriting is to be adored and has us very excited for their rumoured 2017 LP.

Listen to ‘Hanging Tree’ here: