By Kieran Webber

The Swedish trio Bengtsarvet are finally back with new music after a five year wait. The new stand-alone single ‘Ubåten’ (Swedish for The Submarine) merges majestic post-rock with John Carpenter-esque soundscapes, a grand statement of intent and the follow-up to the band’s debut single ‘Slutet/Monarken’ from 2011.

The reclusive trio has only ever performed live once, at a small festival deep in the Swedish forest, and now, after half a decade, they’ve returned with new material. Dark and alluring, ‘Ubåten’ is a fascinating listens all through its eight minutes. It’s been a long time coming, and with no certain plans for the future Bengtsarvet continue to defy the expectations of the modern music business.

Bands like this act as rare gems or outliers of data, they should not be here and they should be ignored, but with a sound as large and as powerful it is hard to simply ignore Bengtsarvet.

Listen here: