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Rising star Beren Olivia returns in 2022 with the spectacular new single ‘So Emotional’

Beren Olivia is a rising pop star that has her eyes set on total stardom, a goal that is wildly achievable for someone with her blistering talent. At age 23 she has amassed over 7 million streams from just a few singles, whatsmore all these singles were released independently. Now, Beren returns with her latest alt/pop belter ‘So Emotional’, a deeply emotive and infectious release.

‘So Emotional’ follows Beren’s 2021 releases ‘Is That What You Like Now’ and ‘Early Hours of The AM’, and was also written by Beren and long time collaborators Dylan Bauld (Halsey, flor) and Dan Book (5SOS, All Time Low). Like her previous releases, Beren Olivia continues her foray into blending pop with early 2000’s pop punk, creating a sound that is vibrant and fresh. The latest release opens with slowly and softly, making space for the lively vocals of Olivia. This quickly blasts towards the chorus, which is daringly catchy, you can’t help but find yourself singing at the top of your voice. It’s a total earworm.

Speaking on ‘So Emotional’ Beren says: “Sometimes you’re too close to a situation to see it clearly and really understand it. That clarity will always find its way to you one way or another, it just might not be in the way you expect. That’s what happened to me during a conversation with my brother. He could see things that I couldn’t and at the time I was in denial about it, and that’s where the inspiration for ‘So Emotional’ came from.”

Listen to ‘So Emotional’ here:

You can also catch Beren Olivia at Victorious Festival, Portsmouth in August, where she will play next to her biggest inspirations Sam Fender and Anne Marie.