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Varun Govil
Varun Govil

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Experimental Vanguards Black Country, New Road Share ‘Snow Globes’ From Sophomore Album ‘Ants From Up There’

Wasting no time after releasing one of 2021’s most compelling albums, experimental seven-piece Black Country, New Road are continuing to ramp up to their fully formed follow-up. With early singles from ‘Ants From Up There’ proving that the outfit were not just a one-note flash in the pan, latest release ‘Snow Globes’ shows yet another face that the band wear beautifully.

Further refining their cinematic, almost post-rocking approach to post-punk and jazz improvisation, Black Country, New Road take a patient, dynamic approach on their most recent single. With gentle strings, choral vocals, and tender horns latching onto a unified melody, ‘Snow Globes’ shows the band at the height of their chemistry. 

Continuing to experiment though, even when at their most subdued, Black Country, New Road hurl a disjointed, jazz drum solo into the otherwise melancholy chapter of their album. As drummer Charlie Wayne says in his own words, “​​The initial idea was to feel like the drums were recorded for a completely separate track. They were meant to be totally arrhythmic and just sort of bubble below the surface – like at the end of White Ferrari”. 

Listen/watch ‘Snow Globes’ here: