Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Emily Anna

Bonetired are an anomaly, a band that cannot be easily categorized into a genre. Although they do float around the alternative rock genre their sound shapeshifts in a way that makes them impossible to pin down. They’re an exciting band with a unique sound and their latest single ‘Embers’ is proof of this.

‘Embers’ opens delicately with warm, husky vocals drawing you towards a thumping bassline that diverges into an explosive barrage of guitars and percussion. It takes you on a journey, lead by Dan Puckey’s drawn out vocals. The song has several twists and turns, dancing between a variety of sounds. It boasts this bands clear drive and ambition to be one of the most recognised bands emerging from Cornwall and if they continue with releases like this, it is most certianly going to happen.

Listen to ‘Embers’ here: