Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Luis Kramer

DITZ have been causing quite the stir recently due to their powerful and awe inspiring live performances. Whenever someone mentions the band it is almost always followed the words “wild.” Their sound falls into the category of noise-rock but truthfully it dances in and around the genre, it spans across punk, garage-rock and thrash. It cannot be denied their jagged edged sound is noisy but there is more to this band than it’s crushing sound.

Their latest single ‘Gayboy’ tackles the toxic speech that one has to deal with if you’re gay or “different”. The vocals blast through a wall of spiky guitars and thumping percussion with vocals such as “A Price To Pay, A Price To Pay, I Gotta Price To Pay For Being This Way.” These poignant vocals tear through dragging the listener into deep thought and reflection.

This single is but the beginning of DITZ‘ exciting 2019 and we cannot wait to see what else this energetic, wild and unique band bring to the table.

Listen to ‘Gayboy’ here:

‘Gayboy’ is available via Permanent Creeps