By Ross Jones

With ‘Shiver’, the new single from Glasgow trio FVNERALS, you cannot put a finger on the exact place at which it is trying to settle, in genre and in sonic purposes. From their new album ‘Wounds’, the group have created a dark, encompassing composition that creeps through solemnity and pathos to create an everlasting atmosphere with much more effect.

The colossal monotony of the thick, unilluminated rhythm is the controlling part of something obviously ominous and disconsolate. Tiffany Strom’s vocal is at once tranquil, almost soothing in its calmness, yet carries a wealth of exasperation that is weathered in her long, drawn-out refrain of each verse. In doing so, FVNERALS have crafted the balance between numbness and pain, a suitable embodiment of loss that is the signature of the track.

A foreboding introduction to their new record, FVNERALS have an undoubtedly bleak viewpoint, but one they create with impact and accomplishment.