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Tavie Carey
Tavie Carey

I am a Journalism student based on the north coast of Cornwall. Having grown up a stones throw from Boardmasters , I have always been immersed in live music. When I’m not listening to my embarrassingly vast vinyl collection you’ll probably find me surfing at my local.

Bristol dark-fuzz trio Holy Reptile return with ‘The Land’, a sinister, psychedelic cut and the follow up single to their 2022 debut EP

Holy Reptile are one of those bands that are truly taking the music industry in their stride. With their debut EP ‘Yawner’ (released in July of 2022), recorded in a renovated chapel by producer André Dack, the band made a fearless entry to the psych music scene. This scored them gigs playing alongside the likes of bdrmm, The Third Sound, Flat Worms and The Vacant Lots, festivals such as Dot to Dot and Outer Town and a dedicated fan base. Now, they build on their success with their newest single: ‘The Land’

The Land’ begins with a thunderous bass strum, looping around a subtle yet fast-paced drum beat, leaving us hypnotised in a psychedelic trance. There is a sinister twang about this sound that takes it on a journey to the darker side of the psych genre.

Vocalist David Sinho has a powerful bleakness about his tone which is enhanced by the electric reverb that rings true throughout as he navigates lyrics derived from the band’s southern gothic literature inspirations. This, accompanied by the instrumental work of Ed Leese (Drums) and Sam Pullen (Bass), both of which were recorded live, leaves us with an eerie energy that is completely unforgettable. 

Listen to ‘The Land’ here: