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New York singer/songwriter JW Francis drops a Christmas video for an old song as part of a week of Christmas treats

When you think of modern Christmas songs, you’re probably not expecting a lot. But when they sound like JW Francis’s 2020 song ‘Christmas Heartache’, you might change your mind. And now it comes wrapped up with a fresh new music video!

The key to a good Christmas song is to stay consistent to your sound, no matter how Christmassy you get. In ‘Christmas Heartache’, we have JW’s signature jangly guitars, laid back vocals and even though it’s a really silly song, it still has all the heart of his other work. 

The music video is a sight to see. Describing it, Francis says, “I am from a small town called Sapulpa, Oklahoma that sits right on Route 66. This year the town banded together and built a Christmas chute: 800-foot-long canopies filled with Christmas ornaments and decor that goes right down 66. It seems like a story right out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. It seemed obvious to me that I needed to document this by shooting a music video featuring the chute, et voila.”

Imagine a typical indie pop music video of a frontman dancing and playing guitars except swap out the frontman with Father Christmas and whack in a million Christmas decorations. This video perfectly matches the silly energy of the track and is a short but sweet Christmas treat for any JW Francis fans, new and old.

The video for ‘Christmas Heartache’ is out now via Sunday Best Recordings. 

Watch/listen to ‘Christmas Heartache’ here: