By Kieran Webber

Latest Cry is the collaborative effort of Martha Meredith of For Esmé and producer James Bunton, a duo that between the two of them create this dangerous dance between Meredith’s vocals and Bunton’s thumping electronica.

The debut release ‘Signs’ is a electro pop epic that is infectious on all levels but seeps through to the core of the listener due to its ethereal vocals and thumping backbeat.

Martha explains ‘Signs’ meaning,  “There is a pressure on women, in life and love, to suppress honesty for the sake of softness. For a long time I struggled with being completely transparent out of fear. Signs is a celebration song for shedding the fear, feeling free, and asking to be loved for all you are, all you think and all you feel. For loving and being loved without disguise.”

Watch/listen here: