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George Ward
George Ward

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Isle of Wight power pop artist Lauran Hibberd is back with another single from her debut album, ‘Garageband Superstar’. 

Lauran Hibberd’s music is a lot of fun. Her sound is confident, loud and very charming. Ahead of her highly anticipated debut album ‘Garageband Superstar’, Hibberd has been releasing several singles. 

Step Mum’ was a relentless pop banger while ‘Still Running (5K)’ was a wonky and swaggering tune featuring DJ Lethal. ‘I’m Insecure’ is a more straightforward power pop tune but Lauran’s personality and wit is still all over the track. 

Hibberd’s voice would fit in any genre of pop; it’s sweet and sassy at the same time. But when you hear it with the heavily distorted chugging guitars on this track, you’ll be glad she chose this sound. The guitars are seriously heavy for a song this catchy. The pop-punk drums compliment the angsty lyrics perfectly. 

Lyrically, Hibberd explores themes of anxiety, insecurity and imposter syndrome, while never being dragged down by these themes. She achieves this by delivering countless quotable lines like “Tell me what’s on your Amazon wishlist” or “It’s your fault that my tummy is aching”. 

The song is seriously catchy and you won’t forget the quirkiness of the lyrics any time soon. Lauran Hibberd is one to watch and would no doubt kill it live. Catch her if you can. 

New single ‘I’m Insecure‘ is out now. ‘Garageband Superstar’ will be out on August 19th via Virgin Music.