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George Ward
George Ward

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piglet drops one last single from his new EP, ‘seven songs’, which is out now. ‘discreet’ is a short but very sweet and intimate track

piglet, the solo project of singer/songwriter Charlie Loane, is known for honest and beautiful tracks exploring mental health, self-identity and trans experiences. ‘discreet’ is a beautiful addition to his discography and fits snugly into the new EP. 

One word to describe the very short 2-minute single is ‘gentle’. Charlie’s vocal performance is soft-spoken and warming. The lyrics flow effortlessly, painting a combination of abstract images and honest observations. The central lyric, “what you mean by discreet is a fear of discovery,” is brutally honest and marks a turning point in the track.

Instrumentally, up to this point, the track matches the gentle energy of the vocals, with guitars gorgeously interweaving with one another. When this line hits, however, the sound opens up and engulfs the listener in an emotional soundscape. The sound becomes slightly distorted and Loane’s voice is swallowed up. 

This track, and the rest of the EP, prove brilliantly just how successfully piglet can build emotional climaxes in such a short amount of time. 

piglet’s new EP, ‘seven songs’ is out now via Blue Flowers. 

Listen/watch ‘discreet’ here