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Korean punk band ‘Sailor Honeymoon’ have released their debut single, ‘Cockroach‘, the inaugural record of drummer Abi Raymaker’s new Seoul-via-London label Good Good 굿굿 Records

The track is stuffed full of heavy guitar riffs, creating a catchy melody that is infused with Meaningful Stone’s deadpan vocals. The English-spoken track features ironic and witty lyrics as the trio sing about the trials of being harassed by unwanted pests.

Swinging between a melodious chorus and spoken-word verses, the band digs deep into the punk and indie rock sound that came before them and creates something new, fun and addictive.

Coming in at just over two minutes long, the song is a incredibly impressive debut from the Korean punk band.

The infectious song is a must listen for fans of The Ramones, Kim Gordon, Bikini Kill and Pixies. Good Good 굿굿 Records is a joint cross-country venture between London-based acclaimed producer Luke Smith (ClorFoals, Life), A&R guy Russell Crank, and Seoul-based Abi Raymaker.

Watch/Listen to ‘Cockroach‘: