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Sleep Walking Animals return with anthemic new single ‘Ghost of A King’

Manchester born alternative folk rock outfit Sleep Walking Animals are Tom Glynn-Carney (vocals), Joe Etherington (guitar, vocals), Jack Brett (bass, vocals), Alex Harford (guitar), Nuwan Hugh Perera (keys, vocals) and Bill Caple (drums). ‘Ghost of A King’ is their second single of this year, and succeeds ‘Freedom Song’ released in June. They have a self titled EP under their belts and have been cutting their teeth on the live scene for a good few years with a feverish “punk demeanour”.

I have to admit I’ve not been familiar with the band for long, but after having a conversation with a friend about folk icons Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling, they recommended Sleep Walking Animals. I have not been let down. ‘Ghost of a King’ feels solemn but hopeful, they expertly mould the tone of the track from a piano driven, tear jerker to an uplifting roar that makes you want to get up and run. That last chorus see Jack and Rose dancing on the Titanic. This song is really special, because it makes me want to lie face up in a lake at night, but also run through a flower field in the summer. And eventually dance on all the tables in my proximity. They’ve squished a lot of moods into one song, but I don’t think that’s to their disadvantage. The song builds on itself and doesn’t collapse as many would. It, instead, comes to a beautiful anthemic crescendo. 

In the grand scheme of things, the band haven’t been together for long. But having survived the two years of being trapped indoors, I’d say they’re going to be around for a while. I think ‘Ghost of a King’ symbolises a new era for the band, and one that will surely carve their name next to the greats of alternative folk.

Listen to ‘Ghost of A King‘ here: