By Alex Platt

Close your eyes and feel the last flickers of heat from the setting sun at the end of a summers day, feel the breeze from the ocean dancing over your face as you turn it up to the sky, feel the slow current of the sea spiralling around your toes as you sit on the end of the pier, legs hanging over and feet dipped. This is the end of summer, this is long days and longer nights with your nearest and dearest, this is bonfires on the beach and red cups that never seem to empty. These are all the things you feel when listening to ‘Lacuna’, the latest single by Bristol based singer/songwriter Nicholson Heal

From the opening guitar notes which sound like pebbles skipping across a calm lake, to the triumphant (and wonderfully unexpected) slow siesta of trumpet blasts, the song is an ode to the hedonistic heat of the summer. ‘Lacuna’ comes as a needed reminder of the beauty of summer while we’re slogging through the return to work cold and misery of January, so for that guys, I thank you.

Listen to ‘Lacuna’ here: