It’s Sunday late-morning, you’re flat out in your front room in a kind of hungover fog and all you need is some good music to ease that headache. Thus Noods was born. 

What started out as a humble mission to share music with friends after a night out has steadily grown into a radio station with a worldwide listener base, and now Noods Radio has its own DAB digits. As of this week, listeners will be able to tune their radios into the weird and heavenly waves of the Bristol-based station. Catch regular selectors Worm Disco Club delivering global sounds and “outernational vinyl magic“, or drop into the experimental dub frequencies of Noods resident Ossia.

A little bit of Noods goodness via Ossia and Bokeh Versions:

Noods has been trailblazing underground electronic music since its DIY beginnings in 2015. To celebrate their move from online-only to DAB, Noods is welcoming a number of guest residents to the station over the coming months. Expect tunes from techno weirdo Peder Mannerfelt as well as Young Echo members Neek and Rider Shafique. The underground has well and truly hit the airwaves.

Tune in to all things Noods. Do it now.