By Luigi Sibona

After a confusing, fan-baiting but nonetheless impressive couple of singles, Byron’s metalcore kings saw fit to drop us with a third and you’d imagine final single for their upcoming 6th LP, ‘Reverence’.

‘Prey’ may be the most fun Parkway Drive have ever been (at least since the anthemic ‘Vice Grip’ off 2015s ‘Ire’) with Winston’s vocal lines overflowing with pomp, it’s nothing if not refreshing. The streamlined, radio-friendly nature of ‘Prey’ is more in line with previous hard-rockin’ single ‘The Void’ and will certainly have a diehard sector of fans shouting “do Horizons again” in YouTube comment threads. But where ‘The Void’ pulled from Five Finger Death Punch grooved-up radio metal, ‘Prey’ seems to have an ear for sea shanties (no, not Alestorm!), with its gang-vocal chorus calling to mind some kind of bastard lovechild of metalcore and Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’ll admit on first listen I had some reservations, but all were blown out of the proverbial water when THAT riff kicked in. Coming in right after “You better prey!”, you’ll know it when you hear it but safe to say, it’s fucking huge.

With its arena-ready chorus, propulsive drums and ripping riffing, this is another stellar track from the Parkway boys and enough to tide you over until ‘Reverence’ is released via Epitaph on 4th May.

Listen to ‘Prey’ here: