By Kieran Webber

Exeter’s Pattern Pusher have been starting to turn heads of late with their bouncy, disco infused indie rock, not to mention their energetic live performances. 2019 is looking to be a big one for the young band with a huge hometown show at the Exeter Phoenix and multiple festival bookings.

However, today we are here to speak to you about their new single ‘Take Your Own Way Home’, a indie-boogie track that is draped in disco. It talks of a positive message to live your own life for you, this message is backed by a flurry of groovey synths and infectious riffs. The track was co-written with band member Alex’s dad, Phil Johnstone – who is something of a songwriting maestro having written songs for Robert Plant, Kim Appleby and The Levellers.

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Speaking about the song the band explained “we really get off on the reaction we get when playing the dancier tracks at shows, there’s no better feeling than a crowd full of people jumping around to your music.” They continue “there’s a lot of pressure, doom and gloom in today’s┬ásociety and we want to create and outlet for people to forget about it all. The lyrics normally encourage that escapism too.”

The video that accompanies the song is just as charming and wholesome and sees the chaps taking an adventure to the kingdom of homeware, IKEA.

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