By Connor Matthews

Sacramento-based indie three-piece Problem Plays and their track ‘Aboard The Billy Ruffian’, from their debut ‘St.Helena’ EP, really gives off early Muse vibes and other 90’s inspired bands, with a similar musical style and vocal lines that recalls that era of underground music.

Musically, ‘Aboard The Billy Ruffian’ is a lot of fun when compared to some of the other smaller bands in the indie rock scene, helping them stand out from the crowd and be more palpable. The vocal lines, when paired with the melancholic guitar riffs – creates a beautifully catchy melody, and the chorus is a complete earworm and something you’ll find yourself humming throughout the day after.

Coming from the same scene as indie standouts Mom Jeans (and working with the same producer as them!) really can help Problem Plays find their feet, with a passionate community that should be all over this EP.

Listen to ‘Aboard The Billy Ruffian’ here:

Listen to the ‘St. Helena’ EP in full here: