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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The debut single from the newly created solo project by Adrianos Pandis delivers sweet melodies, mellow vibes, and an exciting future prospect

Adrianos is the new solo project from Athenian (via London) songwriter and guitarist Adrianos Pandis (formerly of MOAN). The new project blends a retrospective sound that is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground and The Beatles. It’s retrospective in sound but modern and fresh in perspective. There’s plenty of elements woven into the music from poetry, psychedlia, art and much more. This is a full bodied project that is already showing huge potential.

The debut single ‘Give Us A Kiss’ delves into the emotion and feelings behind misunderstandings and apologies, partly inspired by Gustave Klimt’s painting, ‘The Kiss’. The sonic ear tickling that builds around this sentiment is a dazzling array of swaying guitars and deep, crooning vocals from Adrianos. You can almost feel the swaggering sexyness through the earphones, it’s a daringly infectious confidence that he is in charge of. The song breezes through at just over 2 minutes, time that flies by thanks to the nonchalant atmosphere. You’ll no doubt find yourself whisked away to a mellow place when spinning ‘Give Us A Kiss’, leaving you clambering for more of those sweet sweet sounds.

This is literally the starting line for Adrianos and it’s already incredibly exciting, it’s going to be a fantastic journey watching him develop and grow as an artist. Don’t sleep on Adrianos, there’s a bright future ahead of him.

Listen to ‘Give Us A Kiss’ here: