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The American Indie Singer-Songwriter Alissa Lindemann Soars In Her Latest Single ‘Good & Well’

The California via Nashville, Tennessee indie singer-songwriter Alissa Lindemann has come out soaring high with her latest single ‘Good & Well’. As an artist Alissa is inspired by artists such as Florence & The Machine and Stevie Nicks, influences that are present throughout her music, particularly this latest release.

‘Good & Well’ opens with subtle strikes of the guitar that lead into swirling synth, creating a dizzying atmosphere. This comes to an abrupt stop as Alissa’s stunning vocals blast through, drawing you in to her sonic adventure. As the chorus chimes in all elements come together to create musical unity, her vocals twisting and dancing with the synths whilst the guitar and percussion provide an anthemic backdrop. It’s a splendid combination that is nothing short of pleasing to the ear.

Lyrically the song describes the feeling of making choices you know won’t end well, you can feel this in Alissa‘s vocal delivery. A feeling of regret, hurt, and pain, all wrapped up into a ball of self regret. It’s beautifully honest songwriting that is delightfully relatable.

Check the mythical video for ‘Good & Well’ here: