Out now via Warner Bros

Rating: 6/10

By Rosie Enfield

Natasha khans newest creative project is a beautifully conflicting, dystopian wedding nightmare. Similar to a tale from Brothers Grimm, ‘The Bride’ is a story of a woman’s dark tragedy leading up to and in the wake of her wedding day.

Images of a pretty dancing ballerina trapped within a music box fill my head from the albums opening, with evoking visual lyrics throughout. Mother natures undeniable intentions, forces of nature and contrasts of good and evil, run as theme throughout the song writing. Each track is a poem, hugely visual and emotionally evoking creating a dream like piece of artwork.

Khans voice is as hauntingly beautiful as always. Reminding me of Kate bush and Bjork for its unique and undefinable sound.

In my opinion the album is not particularly easy to listen to. It’s dark tone of tragedy and heartbreak is unrelenting. I enjoyed the range of instruments used throughout the album. Textures between tracks are created using piano, guitar, strings and synths. Unfortunately I found a diversity of tone lacking and some tracks ran into one another sounding pretty similar and focus of interest was not kept strong.

As a creative concept, I appreciate this album as more of a piece of art than a favourite record. Something I would like to see on stage performed in layers of orchestra, vocals and dance. But not necessarily something I would chose to listen to again in my bedroom.