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Kieran Webber
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Australian indie outfit Bloodyarvo shares emotive new single ‘Feel My Heart Sleeps’

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns had an effect on all of us in some way, shape, or form. However, our cousins in Australia arguably had it harder than most. Their lockdowns were tougher, longer, and harsher than most, one can only imagine how that was. Frontman Ariq of the Australian band Bloodyarvo felt himself slipping into a self-destructive cycle, slumping into a depression, it was in this moment their latest single ‘Feel My Heart Sleeps’ was born.

The latest release is an overwhelmingly relatable release that is daringly honest and heartbreaking. The track opens with the breezy vocals of Ariq, which are quickly joined by an array of subtle, jangly guitars. Momentum remains calm for the most part of the track, except until we breeze towards the end, where we cascade towards an almighty crescendo. A ripping guitar solo bursts through the melancholy sound, thrusting the listener into an intense whirlwind of guitar.

‘Feel My Heart Sleeps’ is an incredibly stunning track and boasts the bands exceptionally honest songwriting, not to mention musical ability. Bloodyarvo may be a new band on the global circuit, but they’re for sure ones to watch.

Listen to ‘Feel My Heart Sleeps’ here: