Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

‘I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This’ is the debut EP from Buckinghamshire four piece Bollo Bollo. As the chorus tinged bass slithers in on opener ‘The Lion’, Bollo Bollo teases a sense of tension around the track as one by one the rest of the band joins. With guitar floating smoke-like around the background, it sets the scene for the sultry vocals and driving drumbeat to enter. The real magic happens though when the band pulls back for a second, driving back in like a crashing wave to create a powerful moment before ending the song in a haze of feedback.

The summer-like bounce of ‘Liquid Heaven’ brings some light to ‘I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This’ with a breeziness about the music that practically smells of summer barbecues and festivals.

Lead single ‘Mental Mirror’ has a dreaminess that echoes around the speaker with each guitar note floating out in the air.

‘Subject To Change’ rounds out the EP in style with huge sounding choruses and verses seemingly influenced by ‘Holy Fire’-era Foals. Just when you thought Bollo Bollo were sounding gigantic enough, they find another gear for the ending before snatching it all away with an abrupt end to the EP.

As a debut, ‘I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This’ has a weight to it. The quieter parts have enough room about them to breathe and the heavy parts come in like a sledgehammer. If this is just the beginning of Bollo Bollo, it’ll be very interesting to see where they go next