Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

‘Cutting Corners’ is the debut EP from Aylesbury’s own Boy! Racer. Conor Richards is the man behind Boy! Racer and having played in dream pop bands before, aims to bring some of that to his own brand of electro pop.

‘People Walk In Circles’ starts proceedings. With guitars ringing out, washed with reverb and tightly packed electric drums it’s a track that wouldn’t be out of place in the 80’s new wave movement. ‘If That’s Not Love’ feels more modern in its take on electro pop. With multiple layers going on in the chorus, it seems to invite you in to soak in each aspect of the song.

Never overwhelming, Boy! Racer keeps things clean and subdued even when there’s a lot going on. With a beautiful guitar line bringing the song to a close, it’s evident that Boy! Racer’s heart still has a spot for dream pop in it. ‘Don’t Know What You’re Missing’ and closer ‘Aquarius/ I Need You’ carry on the tightly packed electric take on dream pop with delicate guitars, layers of lush sounds and synth drifting in and out.

‘Cutting Corners’ is a confident release that knows exactly what its purpose is, it’s an EP full of lush environments of music to such you in. It’s the perfect taster of what to expect from Boy! Racer in the future and boast what Richard’s is capable of.