Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: EMI

With a simple two note bass intro, Chappaqua Wrestling introduce themselves subtly on ‘Full Round Table’ the opening track of their debut album ‘Plus Ultra’.

With vocals dripping in late 90s indie such as Shed Seven, Chappaqua Wrestling let you know that they are no run of the mill indie band as their lyrics read as a rally cry for the despondent with a sideswipe to the elite (“In 15 years will our wages change? The papers give our hopeless preview”).

The power in the music is also evident as the drums explode in and the band form as a fist with a sound that’s part shoegaze and part britpop. ‘Kulture’ and ‘Fair Game’ also subscribe to this blend of genres and come wrapped up in a powerful sound that instantly connects with you and bursts through the speakers with beautiful production and a sound that feels unique to Chappaqua Wrestling.

Tracks like ‘Need You No More’ and ‘Wide Asleep’ are just straightforward britpop beauty. With the former taking the upbeat approach and the latter floating out of the speaker like a hazy day dream.

As a way to put yourself on the musical map, ‘Plus Ultra’ ticks all the boxes. The lyrics are more than just simple love songs and the sound produced by the band is gorgeously powerful. You can hear influences throughout but they never overwhelm the sound but rather add another arrow to their quiver as they aim to bring their brand of britpop to the masses.

With ‘Plus Ultra’, Chappaqua Wrestling have announced themselves in grand style and show why they are a name to be remembered.

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