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Ahead of their upcoming debut EP, DEADLETTER release Weights: a bleak but honest post-punk track

Currently on a successful UK tour with a sold-out date at The 100 Club, DEADLETTER are building up to the release of their debut EP, ‘Heat!‘. Along with first single Binge’ is new single Weights.

The track is simple instrumentally but effectively absorbing. Alfie Husband’s slightly unnerving drum beat carries the song, accompanied by a repeated jagged guitar riff that digs into your mind. The track doesn’t have a climax necessarily, but there is definitely a feeling of growth as it progresses, with Poppy Richler’s saxophone offering a refreshing change in instrumentation mid way through. 

Lyrically, the track mirrors the music video, in which frontman Zac Lawrence drags a box up a steep hill to no clear destination. The track is certainly pessimistic with the line “Life imitates art they say, in which case art must be utter dismay” repeats, mirroring his seemingly pointless climb. 

But this brutal honesty feels fair and when Zac tells us “it’s okay to scream”, you believe him. His vocals are uncomplicated but sincere, reminiscent of Fontaines DC’s Grian Chatten.

DEADLETTER’s debut EP, ‘Heat!‘, is out on 18th November via SO Recordings

Listen/watch ‘Weights’ here:

Catch DEADLETTER at the following:

Supersonic, Paris – 19th October  

Trix Bar, Antwerp – 20th October

Left Of The Dial, Rotterdam – 21st October 

Left Of The Dial, Rotterdam – 22nd October