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Label: MNRK Music Group

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Divine Psychic Hotline’ is the third EP from duo Guest Singer. Their first release since 2020s ‘Limbo Days’, the EP proves that the band are still just as exciting as ever. 

Opening with the title track, Divine Psychic Hotline’, the synth-heavy song builds and builds, creating an almost bouncy melody that is at odds with the gloomy lyrics. The Doncaster duo straddle a line between optimism and despair which is seen throughout the entire EP.

The following song is Puppy’ spotlights singer-songwriter Jake Cope’s vocals set against the electro backdrop which saturates it. Still leaning into the synth very slightly, Puppy’ focuses more on the electronic keys and sampler.

The EP continues to progress with their next track, The Event’. Possibly the best on the EP, the electronic melody and bass lines feel eerie against the dark-tinged lyrics. The pop palette of synth alongside the dark humour of the lyrics make for an interesting listen, with us never sure whether to tap our feet, nod our head or just go to bed in despair.

One Day At A Time’ is the final song of the EP, a particularly beautiful track that feels more reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem than Future Islands. A self-reflective track, the song unpicks themes of ego and the bleakness of life alongside a sense of optimism. Opposites really attract on ‘Divine Psychic Hotline’. 

Despite a weak start, the EP gets stronger with each track as the duo’s signature dark party songs get better and better. They are at their best when allowing Cope’s vocals to flourish along with the synth-electro melody that bolsters each song. 

There is a sense of self-assuredness running throughout the EP, a feeling that the duo are really hitting their stride with the tracks that they are producing. 

Keep an eye out for some live dates yet to be announced; it will certainly be an interesting look at how these tracks translate on stage and I doubt you’ll be disappointed. 

Listen to ‘Divine Psychic Hotline’ here: