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Luke James
Luke James

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Rising Manchester indie outfit Idle Hours share 80’s tinged new single taken from their forthcoming EP

‘Souvenirs’ is the lead single for the forthcoming EP by Manchester indie risers Idle Hours. As descriptions of songs go, “the song is inspired by the idea of an extraterrestrial landing in Disneyland, and this being their first and only impressions of Earth” is maybe one of the more out there reasonings.

Musically, the song is a fun, slightly left-of-centre indie pop gem. With heavy leanings to the 80’s in terms of production and the amount of chorus pedal used, it’s somewhere halfway between Duran Duran and Maximo Park. Rather than one big chorus, ‘Souvenirs’ wanders through sections with staccato guitars giving way to verses that let a playful bassline take the lead. With lyrics like “are we alone, cause down here there’s zero signs of life” ‘Souvenirs’ shows itself as a social commentary but with that alt pop 80’s sound at odds with the cutting message.

With a stabbing rhythm that rolls throughout ‘Souvenirs’ giving the track a bounce to worry dancefloors across the country, this song will really come into its own when Idle Hours release their debut EP in Summer. Having already hit the touring hard and selling out shows in their home time, it’s a matter of time before the secret is out and Idle Hours are the name on everyone’s lips.

Listen to ‘Souvenirs’ here: