Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: VLF Records Limited

‘Derealised’ is the highly anticipated third album from London duo Jadu Heart and it is something beautiful.

Tracks like ‘There Is No Door’ and ‘Cocoon’ with their almost trip hop beats wrap their melodies around you like a sun addled day at the beach. The dreamy guitar lines and various keys and intertwine with each other to fill your ears with happiness. ‘Blame’ sways a little more towards the sombre with minimal production and the type of snapping drums found in 80’s synth wave bands. Adding yet another string to their musical bow, ‘I Shimmer’ finds Jadu Heart leaning into ‘Open Season’ era British Sea Power with that grand, post grunge, indie sound. Getting a little more experimental with soundscapes on ‘8×8 Endless’, the whirring noises and Imogen Heap style vocals sit on top of a trip hop beat that drives the whole thing forward.

Though each track on ‘Derealised’ seems to pull from a slightly different genre, Jadu Heart clearly have a strong sense of who they are as a band as they pull these tracks into their embrace. With dates on their upcoming tour selling out, it’s clear that many are already realising the potential of this duo. Though ‘Derealised’ may be their third album, it only feels like the beginning of something beautiful. 

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