Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

‘Uh-Oh’ is the latest EP from Low Island, a band made up of multi-instrumentalist Sarah Cosgrove and bandmates Toby, Tom and Brad. Easing you into the EP, you’re greeted with soft keys and Sarah’s sweet, vulnerable vocals as each band member takes their turn entering the fold. Once all members are present and accounted for, the title track has a smoky groove to it that draws you in as the guitar and bass follows the vocal line leaving the drums to drive the song forward.

Second track ‘Knees’ is a bit more upbeat as it wraps itself in a blanket of pop joy. The simplicity in the instrumentation is still there but with an openness in the chorus that compliments the vulnerability in the vocals. Synths take the foreground in ‘Bored’, an elegant slice of simple electropop. This is followed by ‘Foxtrot’ which blends the laidback electro-lounge of the verse with the ominous sounding heavy, whirring chorus. ‘Scared’ finishes the ‘Uh-Oh’ EP on a sombre note. The hypnotically plucked acoustic guitar provides rhythm and beautiful notes while sweeping noises and effects drift in and out to create the atmosphere for Sarah’s soft vocals to lament on loneliness.

As an EP should be, ‘Uh-Oh’ feels like just a sample of what Low Girl are capable of. With simplistic rhythms, delicate pop and atmosphere in spades ‘Uh-Oh’ pulls you in to the embrace of Low Girl‘s lo-fi pop world.