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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Glaswegian based indie-synth pop duo Majesty Palm return with their dazzling new single ‘Split’

The recently formed synth-pop duo Majesty Palm are only two singles deep but they’re making waves through the indie music scene. The Glasgow based duo blend airy synths with elevated vocals a blend that creates a calm yet energetic atmosphere, it’s very pleasurable music.

Their most recent release ‘Split’ is a dazzling synth driven number that is lead by the harmonious vocals of Olivia McCosh. As her vocals breeze through the percussion and bass keep the momentum going, cascading towards the explosive chorus, which sees a flurry of guitars break through, it’s a delightful splash of sound. It’s a wonderful clash of retrospective and modern that collides in a perfect paint splatter on the proverbial musical canvass. ‘Split’ is a vibrant, infectious, and colourful release that boasts just what Majesty Palm are capable of.

There’s no doubt that the duo are going to take 2022 by storm and if the quality of releases continue in this calibre, we’ll all be hearing about Majesty Palm more often. Keep your eye on this brewing storm, it’s one you’ll not want to miss.

Listen to ‘Split’ here: