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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The multi-instrumentalist Michael Sanders has dropped the melting pot of a single ‘Riding On The Valley, taken from forthcoming debut LP

The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer from Austin, Texas (USA) has just released his latest cut ‘Riding On The Valley’, a vibrant track taken from his forthcoming debut album. It continues Michael Sanders‘ ability to create a real mixing pot of sounds, a true fusion of melodies.

‘Riding On The Valley’ opens with Michael’s breezy vocals that sweep towards the listener like a cool wind, this quickly escalated to an almost tropical indie sounding vibe. Jangly guitars push through and dance delicately around Sanders’ vocals. It’s an all encompassing sound that fills the listener with positivity, it’s hard not to smile whilst the music tickles your eardrums. However, a quick key shift towards the closing end of the track brushes the mellow sounds to the side whilst a wall of guitar and powerful percussions take lead. It’s a delightful key change that shows us that Sanders knows how to keep a listener on their toes.

Once again Michael Sanders has created a track that is a real sonic mixing pot, throwing in elements from a variety of sounds and genres, creating something totally charming and unpredictable.

Listen/watch ‘Riding On The Valley’ here: