Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Akira Records

‘Oh My Mind’ is the second EP from Irish indie pop darlings modernlove. Serving as a collection of their releases so far in 2022, ‘Oh My Mind’ is a polished gem of an EP and as the bombastic drums herald in the opening title track, the synths come in like a fresh breeze on a hot day.

Starting the EP off with this epic slow burn moment, modernlove. soon invite you to hit the dancefloor with ‘Don’t Wanna’. As the bass dances around the fretboard and the drums pump along, the huge chorus will swirl around your head for days with the beautifully harmonious vocals and infectious beat.

This kind of indie pop perfection is evident throughout ‘Oh My Mind’ with tracks like ‘Islands’ and ‘Us’ radiating sunshine. ‘Follow You’ is the standout track on the EP with a relentless pace and a monsterous chorus that would only be suitable as a gigantic set closer that wouldn’t leave a still body in the room.

Each song on ‘Oh My Mind’ is set to explode in technicolour as the drums pump like a racing heartbeat, the vocals soar and the guitars were seemingly born on an island somewhere hot. With an EP this strong, modernlove. will be a household name and festival mainstay in no time at all.