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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The Philadelphia based outfit My Cousins Girlfriends House revive nostalgic pop-punk sound with new single ‘Wasting Away’

The pop-punk trio based in Philadelphia, USA named My Cousins Girlfriends House are reviving a sound that was birthed in the early 000’s. It’s nostalgic yet daringly fresh, making it attainable by all age groups, which is an incredibly impressive feat. Throughout their music you’ll find the positive self-deprecation you found in Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. Yet My Cousins Girlfriends House captures something the latter mentioned bands couldn’t, positivity.

Their latest track ‘Wasting Away’ is a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the modern life, yet underneath the morbid chorus of “We’re All Just Wasting Away” is an upbeat atmosphere. The track preaches self-love in a pointless world, nothing matters as long as you’re happy and you love yourself. It’s a middle finger to the so called American Dream, the nuclear family, retirement plans, careers, it’s all nonsense. Especially for any generation above the baby boomers.

What My Cousins Girlfriends House have managed to do is find a sound that is retrospective and tailor it towards a modern ear. They haven’t reinvented the wheel but they have certianly given a nostalgic sound new life.

Listen to ‘Wasting Away’ here: