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Noah Richardson tantalises with his soulful, sultry, and alluring new single ‘Painful’

The Philadelphia, USA based artist Noah Richardson has released the soulful, emotive, and daringly infectious new single ‘Painful’. It’s a love song with a twist, a counter ballad to the gooeyness of Valentines day. ‘Painful’ details the story of an individual stuck in a love triangle, who knows, no matter what, it’s going to hurt. It’s incredibly relatable and Noah’s soft, sultry vocals make it and incredibly alluring single.

The track doesn’t waste time with getting started as the chorus breezes into the listeners ears, Noah’s soft, sultry vocals claiming “You gone make this painful”. You can’t help but ease back into your chair and let Noah take you on a sonic journey. Subtle guitar strokes whisk the listener away into a state of slow jam relaxation. It’s riddled in groove and plays into this with masterful ease. There is a delightful warmth throughout the track, musically and lyrically. It’s safe to say that Noah has a great talent for songwriting. With each listen the track offers up more to enjoy, from the funk inspired bass to Richardsons mesmerising vocals. You can’t not fall into the allure of ‘Painful’.

Speaking on the track Noah Richardson explains: “This song is a little different from anything I’ve ever made. I’ve always loved sexy, slow jam, RnB style songs but never really had one to pull out of the ether until this one.” Adding: “In my head, I wanted to capture that feeling of someone laying in bed, love sick over a relationship or situation they were going through.”

Richardson offers up lots to enjoy with his latest release and provides plenty of excitement for his next release, of which we are eagerly awaiting.

Listen to ‘Painful’ here: