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Britains self-proclaimed “lamest band” release stunning new single ‘Keep It Cool’

Ocean Flaws are Britain’s self-proclaimed “lamest band” and they may have just released the “coolest song of the year”, this is their words but we’re inclined to agree. Their latest single ‘Keep It Cool’ is a certified indie-pop belter that is essential for those summer playlists. It tackles the emotion behind being in love with someone who is just perfect, too perfect. Naturally you want to make that person your partner, but life is never that easy and Ocean Flaws personify this beautifully in ‘Keep It Cool’.

‘Keep It Cool’ opens with a dazzling synth that quickly opens up to crooning vocals that take the listener by the hand, taking them on a sonic adventure. Groove-laden bass, jangly guitars, and shimmering synths breeze throughout, creating a real atmospheric sound. You cannot help but get swept up in the sweet music of Ocean Flaws, it’s a divine experience and more importantly lots of fun. Importantly, their music is filled to the brim with confidence, although the band play koy, they truly beleive in their sound, and they should, it’s superb.

Indie and its sub genres is a busy place to be as an artist and it’s hard to stand out, yet Ocean Flaws have created something instantly recognisable. They’re a great sounding band with huge potential. This is just the beginning for this fledgling indie outfit, they’ve got mainstage written in their future.

Listen to ‘Keep It Cool’ here: