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Millie Burdett

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Sureshaker

The Moving Stills pull the summer months closer with their debut album ‘Sunshine Corner’, an honest exploration of the human condition and coming of age.

Since their first single in 2018, titled ‘Nineteen’, this charming alt-pop rock band have been flourishing in the Australian music industry ever since. The release of ‘Sunshine Corner’ captures how the group have progressed their style to be more inclusive for listeners, combining nostalgic lyrics with their familiar sun-kissed sound. This album includes previously released singles, ‘Gene’, ‘Downlow’ and ‘Waste My Time’.

The Moving Stills comment: “The longer album format allows more insight into our experiences over the last few years. It’s definitely honest and heartfelt. In a way, ‘Sunshine Corner’ is a coming of age album filled with stories of emotional struggles, self-realisations and reflections, heartbreak and the lessons learnt along the way. Hopefully some of our experiences connect with the people listening to it”.

‘Sunshine Corner’ is an album drenched in warmth and authenticity. It seems impossible to not feel optimistic after listening to the opening track ‘U and Me’, which promotes their characteristically positive presence in the alt-pop rock genre. However more heartfelt tracks such as ‘Throw Me A Line’, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Last Friday’ demonstrate the maturity and variation capable by The Moving Stills.

The album successfully encapsulates the band’s signature sound, treating its listeners to the many flavours of music they have to offer.