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The American indie starlets return with another indie hit in ‘Lights Down Low’, taken from their forthcoming debut EP

Nashville, Tennessee’s indie starlets The Thing With Feathers are fast becoming a hit making machine, a true force to be reckoned with. They first flew into our radar with their anthemic single ‘Static’, a belting release that boasted the bands ability to craft an earworm. Not to mention the ability to take infuence from those that came before them and twist it into their own recognisable sound.

Now the band return with the soaring single ‘Lights Down Low’, a track that has the same energy yet shows us more of a vulnerable side, particularly in the lyrical content. It’s a subtle love song about two people who are going against their strict upbringings, a whirlwind of a love story.

‘Lights Down Low’ has a slightly darker tone, opening up an ominous guitar that blurs the lines for the percussion and bass to come striking through. This creates an atmosphere of unease as the vocals blast through, matched by the energetic rhythm section. It’s a delightfully daring release that is yet another example of the bands ability to craft infectious indie belters.

This is the second offering from the bands forthcoming debut EP and it truly builds the hype around the release and the band. In just two songs the band have given us a fantastic taste of what’s to come, they’re an incredibly exciting outfit. If the calibre of music stays at this level, then there is no doubt that The Thing With Feathers will be selling out stadiums in the future.

Watch/listen to ‘Lights Down Low’ here: