By Kieran Webber

A lot of people don’t realise but Cornwall has a vibrant and ever growing creative community and lately the music scene is in full blossom. There are gigs popping up left and right, bigger artists are finally starting to venture down here and people are starting to pay for live music. Local bands are starting to gain traction not just here but also nationally, it is a very excting time. However, there is much still to be done but Cornwall is showing the potential to become a new musical hub.

To back this statement up we introduce to you the RouteNote sessions, a new series of live sessions filmed at RouteNotes Parlour Studios in Truro. The sessions provide a platform for local and global artists to perform and have their music viewed and listened to thousands of times. Over the span of 6 months (roughly) we have seen performances from Milo Gore, FARE & Waxx (among many more). These sessions have huge potential to grow and we cannot wait to see who else they have perform in their studio.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay up to date with what their up to and keep your eyes peeled on CLUNK for news on their weekly sessions.

Last week saw the Devon based artist Sam Brockington charm the studio with his butter melting vocals. This young artist has already generated over a 1 million streams on Spotify and has performed at some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals, such as Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds. The folk inspired sounds are a mesmerising barrage that are complemented by heart wrenching lyrics. It’s emotive folk for the modern person, tying beauty and storytelling in a masterful maner.

Watch/listen to the full performance here: