By Kieran Clark

Anna Wiebe’s ‘Fortune’ is a thrilling insight into a mind which is lost. The mixture of extremely static and loose instrumentation, which is led by a dark guitar run, leads to an exciting yet cautious piece of music. This coupled with lyrics exploring a desperation for escapism, becomes a perfect blend to make ‘Fortune’ an instant favourite of mine. The honesty with the opening line, “I never got the ending that I always thought I would, so I circle over, and over, and over…”, showing that ‘Fortune’ isn’t going to be a happy story, but instead one of being unsatisfied. As people, we’ve all been there, where something has finally run its course, but your left wanting more, or a better outcome. Anna Wiebe has managed to take this feeling and give it a new life.

I must take my hat off to the production, produced by lead guitarist Sam Gleason, who’s taken this beautifully crafted song, and managed to add an extra sense of darkness to the mix. This allows Wiebe’s message to be conveyed to the listener, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves into ‘Fortune’. The mixture of easy-folk and really dark blues, has led to ‘Fortune’ to be a song that is both captivating and haunting. This song belongs in a gritty crime-drama, or at least on an advert for one.

Wiebe’s upcoming full-length album, ‘All I Do Is Move’, is expected in this summer. It focuses on cycles, and the mental growth and movement that comes with life’s lessons. If the rest of the album captures this as much as ‘Fortune’ does, we’re all in for a real treat.

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