Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Jim Taylor 

SKiNNY MiLK have been tearing it up since January 2016 and consists of Johnny Hart (bass and vocals) and Tim Cox (drums). Both Johnny and Tim have been active in the DIY punk scene in Brighton for a number of years. With a string of EP releases and singles their latest project SKiNNY MiLK started to cause a reaction with a growing fanbase.

Recently the band have released the video for their latest single ‘Blood’ which we are extremely stoked to be premiering. The single is a triumphant bombardment of heavy percussion and sludgy riffs drenched in reverb laden vocals. They harness a level of noise that is almost alarming yet dangerously infectious.

The accompanying video for the single sees the lads Johnny and Tim using their “chemistry skills” and crafting a potion that makes you hairy, tattooed and froth at the mouth which mirrors how the song makes you feel brilliantly.

Listen/watch ‘Blood’ here:

Catch them in Europe at the following:

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