By Kieran Webber

The Swedish Indie-pop quartet have had our attention since they released the single Closer which blends elements of dreamscape indie pop with shoegaze. The young band are arguably one of Sweden’s most exciting emerging acts and at the ripe age of 22 they have a lot of time infront of them to develop into a really intriguing act.

Listen to ‘Swim Deep’ here:

Recently the band have released their ‘Four Waters’ EP which is nothing short of mesmerising. We were eager to find out more about the band, their creative process and of course where on earth did they get their band name from!

CLUNK: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! How have you all been and what have you been up to?

SBDE: We’ve been good, just taking some time off, relaxing after the release.

CLUNK: So how did you all first meet and at what point did you decide to start making music together?

SBDE: Tilde and Siri played together in another band before and when that band disbanded they decided that they wanted to start another band. Tilde wrote a tweet asking if there was anyone out there who wanted to play in a band, and Elias was the only one who replied. So, they had to go with him. But luckily it all turned out great and Elias brought Edvin who he also met on the world wide web via an Arctic Monkeys forum. We first met all together at Popaganda festival in early September 2015 and after our first rehearsal it all just felt right.

“We think that the diversity of what we all listen to contributes to our sound”

CLUNK: Do you share similar influences or does it vary between each member?

SBDE: We have a lot of common influences but at the same time we all have our different favorites, whether it be a specific genre or a band. We think that the diversity of what we all listen to contributes to our sound.

CLUNK: How and why did you all start making music and was there a particular event, person or artist that helped shape you as musicians?

SBDE: All of us have had an interest in music since we were kids. But of course, all of our stories about how we started is different. Some of us started playing in bands in our early teenage years because we got inspired by our idols at that certain time. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific concert or musician that has shaped us because we believe that we’re still constantly being influenced and inspired by new music and performances.

CLUNK: I think we can all agree that Steve Buscemi’s eyes are naturally beautiful but why and how did you decide on the band name? 

SBDE: We’ve answered this question a hundred times but we never told the truth. and we never will. But we can say as much as this, it all makes sense.

CLUNK: What can listeners expect from the recently released ‘Four Waters’ EP?

SBDE: If the EP was a pizza it would be a Quattro Formaggio but instead of four different cheeses it’s four different bodies of water. 18 minutes of wavy sounds and feels.

CLUNK: What was the influence behind the latest release?

SBDE: A lot of personal things have inspired the songs so it’s hard to narrow it down to something specific.

“If the EP was a pizza it would be a Quattro Formaggio but instead of four different cheeses it’s four different bodies of water”

CLUNK: When writing your music do you have a particular process or method or is it more ‘in the moment’?

SBDE: We jam, and that’s pretty much it, so it’s definitely in the moment!

CLUNK: How do you feel Brexit will affect touring bands playing in the UK?

SBDE: We won’t have free data anymore which will make it hard for us to instagram.

CLUNK: Do you feel less welcome in the UK after Brexit?

SBDE: Yes, it’s a bit sad to feel limited but it’s hard to tell since Brexit is not in action yet.

CLUNK: From an observer’s point of view it appears that Europe but particularly Sweden has a thriving music scene at the moment, what is your opinion on the scene and why do you think it is blossoming so much right now?

SBDE: We think a big reason for the thriving music scene is that there is a lot of communal initiatives for kids when it comes to music and learning how to play an instrument. The Swedish society encourages culture and music and therefore it’s easier for youths to access tools for expressing themselves. Also, we feel that lately there have been more and more bands with new and different sounds emerging. Everyone are kind of doing their own thing which of course helps them stand out.

CLUNK: As a band do you prefer performing live or recording?

SBDE: Performing live of course! It’s much more fun to interact with people compared to a computer, some microphones and a metronome.

CLUNK: What can fans and listeners expect from your live shows?

SBDE: Shitty jokes, sweet moves and hopefully some music.

CLUNK: What are 5 essential items you take with you when touring?

SBDE: We’ve never really been on a real tour but: Instruments, toothpaste, a trashbag, Axel and Sixten (our Rama Lama Records dads).

CLUNK: Has there been a particular place or show that stands out for you guys so far?

SBDE: Our first show outside Stockholm, in Halmstad because of the delicious pizza, bottomless beers (and sodas) and the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But also our first festival gig at Umeå Open, because of all the good vibes from the audience and being a part of a line up with some of our idols.

CLUNK: Lastly, what can we expect from you guys in 2018?

SBDE: Hopefully a happier, healthier lifestyle and a song or two. Also, some shows outside of Sweden, starting with London on February 3rd.

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