By Kieran Webber

Susanna’s eleventh album and first solo record since 2012 is a mastodon of a  release with over 70 minutes of intensely expressive, deeply felt and spiritually probing lyrics, presented and performed in layers of voice, electronics, and effects, programmed with piano, violin and tuba.

Her music can be best explained as soul music for lost souls especially in the new album ‘Triangle’ which is due April 22nd via SusannaSonata, the single ‘Burning Sea’ is streaming now.

Susanna explains ‘Burning Sea’ is about “the experience of giving in to something, surrender, and feeling trapped at the same time, both wonderful and dangerous. I wrote this song in LA where a lot of the material for the album came to life. I am very fascinated by the sunny, beautiful and urban in combination with the pumping undercurrents of creativity in that city.”

Listen Here: