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George Ward
George Ward

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The wonderfully old-school East-London band Tempesst announce their second album, ‘Prisoner of Desire’, along with new single ‘True Love’s In Decline

Tempesst are back. Not only are we going to be treated to their first gigs in two years, we also have the pleasure of a new album, released on 3rd March 2023. 

Their latest single ‘True Love’s In Decline’ has much to be adored. Toma Banjanin’s vocals croon and swoop and in a style that is similar to the likes of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. It’s a stunning listen that sees Toma’s vocals soar through the velvety music that compliments him. From the start of the track, we have groovy but underplayed guitars, basslines and drums but the real highlight is the almost orchestral arrangement. The strings come in effortlessly and even the twinkling bells don’t feel overdramatic. 

If you’re in any doubt, watch the brilliant music video. Just as the beautiful chorus kicks in, Toma wanders effortlessly through a field of flowers, arms outstretched; the visuals are just as gorgeous as the song. 

The album promises to paint what “love looks like in the real world”, with both the good and the bad running alongside each other. If the rest sounds as good as these first two tracks, Tempesst’s album should be one to really look forward to drifting away to.

Prisoner of Desire will be released on 3rd March 2023 via Pony Recordings

Listen to ‘True Love’s Decline’ here:

Catch Tempesst at the following:

Heartbreakers, Southampton – 18th March 2023

Crofters Rights, Bristol – 22nd March 2023

Islington Assembly Hall, London – 23rd March 2023

Yes, Manchester – 31st March 2023

Broadcast, Glasgow – 1st April 2023