The Cookie Jar Complot is the musical project of two friends in Luxembourg, Giles and Sven. For ten years they have been cooking up musical mastery behind closed doors in various bedroom studios. Now, after many years of practise and jamming and with a clear idea on what sound they want to create, they’ve arrived with their debut single ‘NEO’.

The instrumental track is nothing short if impressive as sonic waves wash over the listener, each one revealing more subtleties and intricacies that lie hidden within their music. Starting with slow, sultry guitar lines that open up into a groove infused composition, you’re instantly drawn in. It leaves the listener waiting for what will come next with a fervent eagerness. This breaks down into rolling guitar play that cascades towards an almighty solo towards the end, all the while this happening percussion drives the track forward.

There’s much to breakdown with The Cookie Jar Complot‘s music which is exactly what makes it so alluring and wonderful. For some, the lack of vocalist may be an issue, It’s only recently that I have personally started to explore instrumental artists, but for those unsure I urge you to broaden your horizons, because otherwise you’ll miss out on artists such as these.

Listen to ‘NEO’ here: